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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don't Debate and Drive

OK, I know I said I was not going to be blogging but here's a quick question from the comments section:

Ask Shifra time, here's the scenario:
Two young couples dining at a restaurant. They leave and get in the car. The guys are involved in a heated political argument, so the guys get in up front to continue their discussion/argument.As the driver (we'll call him Bob) backs up, he asks the other guy (Joe) if it's clear. Joe is pondering how to convince Bob that Global Warming is real, and he quickly says: "Yeah, clear"Bob backs right into a Dumpster. Crash. Broken tail light, scraped fender.Later, Joe's girlfriend tells him he should help Bob pay for the repair. Joe says "Yeah, right." Should Joe help pay for the repair? Is he obligated to do so?If he doesn't pay, should his girlfriend secretly send Bob some cash? Or would that be bad for her future as Mrs. Joe?

OK first let me say that I do not want the comments section to become a debating ground for the topic of global warming. It upsets me enough to think about the waste, pollution, and conspicuous consumption that goes on in this country without having to hear about how global warming is all a big lie/left wing conspiracy and therefore, with that bit of self-righteous comfort in our pockets, we should feel free to pollute all we like since other countries are doing it anyway and of course the earth has endless resources and is completely self healing and we'll all be dead in another 70 years so who cares....
OK? So none of that.

Back to the situation at hand, here's my take:
Bob was depending on Joe to give him reliable advice about what was behind him, and in his failure to do so essentially caused the accident. Had Joe been lost in thought and said nothing at all he would not have been liable but since he went ahead and replied "yeah, clear" it seems to me that he should own up to his responsibility.
Now, I don't know Joe, but he does seem like a bit of a jerk in this situation - first giving bad advice and then not offering to at least help pay for the accident he caused. The future Mrs. Joe, while well meaning, should not step in to clean up Joe's mess behind his back, I think it sets a bad precedent on many levels. If I were the future Mrs. Joe I would try to have a serious talk with him about it. To me the unwillingness to be held accountable for one's own mistakes is certainly a red flag when it comes to choosing a spouse.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Where's Shifra?

I know some of my readers get a little worried when I don't show up here on the blog for a while. I just wanted to let you know that I'm fine, just spread a little too thin right now.
I'll leave the comment section open but I wouldn't expect to hear much from me until after Pesach. I hope you'll return for begining of "Ask Shifra Season Three" in mid-April.

Chag kasher v'sameach to all of you and thanks for reading.
I'll see you April 16th if not sooner.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Day in the Life of Shifra Circa 2056

My morning or a scary scary look into the future?
You decide.

Wake up
Cough and Hack copiously
Yell at kids for playing the stereo too loud
Make tea
Shuffle around house in bathrobe
Get into argument with family member over misheard comment
Cough and Hack
Prepare Breakfast
Yell at kids for playing the TV too loud
Mutter to self
Cough, hack, and spit!
Do a bit of house work
Sit down and rest
Cough and Hack
Haul self to neighborhood pharmacy for expectorant
Consider getting a haircut at salon next to pharmacy
Read posted price list: "Women's Cut and style $40 and up"
Mutter to self
Leave without explanation
Cough and Hack
Go home
Lie Down

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Monday, March 05, 2007

A good day for....

Today is a good day for:

Drinking cough syrup straight from the bottle (if I did that sort of thing... which I don't... OK?)
Complaining about my Mother in Law (if I wasn't worried about being discovered)
Going to the movies (if I didn't have to work)
Taking a nap (if I had the time)
Serving leftovers for dinner (and you know I will)
Hugging my kids (like everyday)
Sneaking some shalach manos candy even though you told the kids no one could have anymore
(come on, I know I'm not the only one)
Getting back to normal (at least until the Pesach prep begins)

OK I'm feeling better now. You are all welcome to resume commenting.

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Overload or I Vant to be Alone

This past week has been a little overwhelming for me.
Sick kids, plumbers, cooking, cleaning, junk food, and a house full of company all weekend long.
It was nice but too much work and I'm beat.
I totalled it up: I spent 10-11 hours between Friday morning and Sunday night just doing dishes.

Anyway I've never been so happy to just sit down here at work and just do my job in peace and quiet.

Don't even leave me any comments this time. Just let me bask in the serenity of a nice quiet empty blog.