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Monday, February 04, 2008

Unemployment Week 3 - Out of the Box

Today I spent an hour being on hold with, and then disconnected by, the New Jersey Department of Labor's voice mail system, it seems like by the time I get my unemployment money I may well have returned to the workforce!

So far there do seem to be a lot of jobs ad out there for work in my field.
I'm reading through them and applying to 'em one by one.
Just now I saw two job ads in a row requesting someone that "thinks outside the box."

Ummm... Job ad writer guys? I have a message for you:
The 1980's just called, they want their clever catch phrase back.
I might go so far as to say that out of the box practically IS today's box. So uninspiring.

Anyway back to it! Looking for a job is my job these days and for once I can't afford to slack too much. Also I've got another batch of cinnamon buns in the works and I need to go check on them.