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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Chanuka

Hey there!
Happy Chanuka to all of you out there in blog-land.

I moved AND started a new job in October so I've been keeping busy. So busy I almost forgot I was the proud owner of this little blog here.

I don't check in here often (as you may have noticed, or um... stopped noticing) but I still see any comments my blog gets come through in my email in box and there is nothing like a little hate-in-the-face to remind you you own a blog. It was one of those "Hitler was right" kind of comments to fairly inoffensive post (actually I try to make ALL my posts as inoffensive as possible) and when I saw the email I was like... "Hey! I have a blog!" and also "People sure hate Jews!" but mostly the first. I'll be deleting that comment shortly.

Speaking of inoffensive - this "Happy Holidays" thing is going a little too far for me this year. Are we really going to pretend Christmas doesn't exist. My company just put out the list of days off for 2012 with Easter listed as "Spring Holiday" and Christmas as "Winter Holiday." Really??
It's December 25th, it's not any day of the winter you choose... If Christmas is a legal holiday in this country let's not pretend it isn't. I am not offended by reality, is anyone?

If anything I think I'm offended that people feel they have to tap dance around me and other non-Christians. I think we can handle it.

Wishing everyone a Happy Chanuka!