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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's bothering Shifra

This was posted in November - I don't know what happened to the date....

I'm in a bad mood, and this has always been a good place to vent.
I don't expect I have much of a readership left so no need to worry about my content being unpleasant or whatever I guess so might go for it.

1) WORK - I am happy to be employed. I am not happy to be micromanaged.
I'm at a high enough level that I should be trusted. Don't assume, Mr. Boss-Man, that just because I don't copy you on everything I do doesn't mean I'm not working. I had a conference call with someone in Glasgow this morning which you didn't even know about. Not to mention copying you on everything makes me look and feel like a puppet. If I am the project manager, let me manage the projects! Also maybe tell me this stuff to my face not over IM and a clipped phone call. If you have an issue with my work let's talk about it face to face.
You said to use my discretion about what to copy you on. I think you meant use YOUR discretion. Fine. Hope your emailbox doesn't explode.

2) GERMS - How is it that one night you go to bed feeling fine and you wake up the next morning feeling like death on wheels? I also burned my tongue on a hot tea. Somebody call the waaaaaambulance I have an acute case of whiny-ness.

3) REAL ESTATE - I'm selling my house because I can't manage the mortgage on my own.
It's a very nice well maintained old house, but it's 100 years old, like most of the houses in my town. So no, I'm not going to waterproof the basement, rebuild the garage or put in a state of the art furnace at my own expense. It's a nice house in a nice neighborhood, reasonably priced, and I'll throw in a 1 year home warranty, but it is what it is. You want granite counter tops? Go buy some! I'm not giving the place away for free so stop living up to every lousy Jewish stereotype and just buy my house or go away.

4) IT IS WHAT IT IS - What a stupid pointless expression and now even I'm using it... like everyday! Of course it IS what it IS... why does that even need to be said. Call me back when it's going to change and be something else.

OK that's all for now.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm Old.

Today my oldest (the famous Bas-Shifra) starts high school.
I feel like *I* was just in high school... wow... I'm old.