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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Work- now with 20% less fun!

I work for a professional organization, with a constantly changing corporate structure, and rules, standards, and policies galore.

Since the rulemakers can't be everywhere at once the good folks in the IT department have set us all up with some sort of internet filter - which blocks out all the fun, non-worky type web sites and allows us to visit the more boring, useful type sites.

For example:
We can visit CNN's home page, but the sports section is blocked.
We can go to yahoo to look up a phone number, but cannot visit their music section.
We can use google, but gmail is off limits.

The software also gives you a reason for the block:
Homestarrunner is classified as "useless,"
whereas MP3Sparks registers as a "music/entertainment site."

Since the web is constantly changing this software is updated frequently, and as such, I have to keep finding new sites to visit during my downtime or when I need a break.

I used to enjoy listening to NPR podcasts while I worked - but as of today those are blocked now. Very disappointing.
No more LOLCATS either - too bad, thoze catz iz funni!

Odd Todd and XKCD still seem to be flying under the radar for now, and amazingly blogger is working too (at least for now.)

OK, my break is over - post your favorite (non-blog) websites in the comments if you like!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Hot Stuff

Bagel shops should label their cream cheeses.
This morning I pointed at what I THOUGHT was cream cheese with green olives behind the glass for my bagel, but it turned out to be jalapeno cream cheese heavy on the japapenos!
Woke me up though.

Speaking of things that are hot.... my husband is endlessly troubled by the winter offering at Dunkin' Donuts known as "White Hot Chocolate."
This is hot beverage, similar to cocoa, but made with white chocolate instead of the real stuff.

It's pretty tasty, even though white chocolate isn't really my thing, but what bothers Amram is the name. To him a "white hot" beverage should be undrinkable, uncontainable by mere styrofoam! It should require the employees to use tongs, and wear welding masks... and should you burn your tongue... woe unto you!
He thinks they should call it Hot White Chocolate - more appetizing, less frightening.

I tried to get him to think about it differently - imagine if it was a mint flavored cocoa drink - they'd call it "Mint hot chocolate" right? Hot white chocolate makes it sounds like a melted down candy bar not a white chocolate beverage I think, but there is no convincing him.

OK that's all, just wanted to let you know I'm still around.

Oh, and I hear that my email isn't listed anywhere on this site for some reason.
I'll have to fix that but in the meantime if you have questions to "ask Shifra" send 'em on to shifraq@gmail.com and I'll get to them as soon as I can.