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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Self Fulfilling Prophecies

Well, I've done it again! I anticipated the worst and was handed it on a silver platter.
After only two days of working efficiently and not blogging much or goofing off I was handed a new large project in addition to my normal workload.

In addition, this whole shul project has me quite disturbed. We had a meeting with shul members to get input into this new project which turned into a two hour complain-a-thon.
Apparently nothing our shul does is any good and every other shul is vastly superior according to the do-nothings that attended this meeting. I tried very hard not to be offended after all my years of work for the shul was ripped to shreds by a couple of ungrateful yentas, but it was hard to take.

I've also become the new best friend (apparently) of the board member who resigned when I was assigned to head his department's project. He calls me nightly to give me advice and pump me for information. It's hard to take.

Lastly, my in-laws are coming for shabbos and that always gets me pretty wound- the less said about THAT situation the better.

OK I'm done complaining and now it's your turn.
Send your gripes, questions, comments, or observations along to shifraq@gmail.com and we can talk about your problems instead of mine!


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the Chinese story about Yiddish with a translation below. For more info, go to www.jta.org and look under Features for the Yiddish story from Taiwan. Capish?

做別人沒有做過的事 張守慧精研猶太語言學
2005-05-19 15:09∕中央社記者梁君棣台北十九日電

就在目前已有人倡導除了英語外應該學習第二外國語之際,在張守慧個人網站上卻記載著她專精德國文學、德國語言學、猶太文學、猶太歷史和意第緒語文學,讓人感到再「高深」不過 。













Professor S H Chang is Yiddish specialist in Taiwan. Who knew?

Central News Agency (CNA)
by CNA Reporter Mr. Liang
The new century female bravely pursues the dream series topic to report 20 "do not want to walk the traditional research route, wants to make the others has not done the thing" "many study one language, is turns on the world another leafed door", this is the present Taiwan only Judea language scholar, the literary embellishment institute of foreign languages Germany language is assistant professor concurrently 系主任 Zhang Shouhui devotes to study the deserted study gate the power. She said that, studies 1. all not painstakingly, looked oneself must learn how many. On has initiated in present some people besides English to be supposed to study when the second foreign language, individual website actually records her in Zhang Shouhui in to be expert in the German literature, the German linguistics, the Judea literature, the Judea history and 意第緒語 the literature, lets the person feel again "profound" only. In fact, a like German - follows a prescribed pattern in speech for person's mechanical impression, compares Zhang Shouhui on doing scholarly research, quite has similarly place. Since the literary embellishment German is the graduation, she is admitted to a school the Furen University Germany language department research institute, grinds two o'clock, tests the government expense to study abroad, after but still read the master's degree only then to go abroad, read for six years in Germany, attained German Trier University Germany language department doctor, and once was appointed the Trier University Germany literature and the language department teaching assistant, German Trier Catholicism 團契 "the Judea culture and Germany" research team group leader, finally returned to the alma mater literary embellishment contribution to study. Five grades live, Taiwan hemp bean person's Zhang Shouhui, silently studies German, the Judea philology, when the others regard as "is difficult" the skill that receives little attention subject to evade it for fears, she actually rigid must "master" it, from reads the German literature, then studies the Judea history again, in the study 希伯 communications goes into exile the language (意第緒語 literature), she tells Central News Agency reporter, makes the matter which oneself likes doing, the feeling is very good. The stature petite, will like the history Zhang Shouhui, confessed "timid", "is very conservative", but also Tanzania receives, only is because does not like working as "with the fart insect", wants to make the others has not done the thing, therefore, only then the meeting wants to study the Judea history from the German literature, actually from now on will tread in this others eye road of the deserted study gate research. She recollects when the study 意第緒語 literature, because it has contained 85% German language element, 10% Slavic language element and 5% hebrew element, starts when has spend many time reading, the research, but reads interesting, finally also wants "the decoding", looks like the present bestseller "the Holy Bible password" to be same, Zhang Shouhui by "is extremely amusing" described. Because the goal is clear about, Zhang Shouhui a step of footprint intentionally center dream, although has many research in Germany still Taishi and the Judea linguistics expert, but she actually is until now in the Chinese people academic circle, the first place studies the Judea linguistics scholar. Zhang Shouhui indicated, studies in the process in Germany, the German to unexpectedly has the Oriental to have the interest to study the Judea history, feels inconceivable, therefore, also very warm-heartedly assists her research, but this also confirms her "many study one language, is turns on the world another leafed door" the idea. Does scholarly research rigorously, the self- request also high is Zhang Shouhui the friend to her consistent evaluation, but Zhang Shouhui understood, the language is the communication bridge, but each student's intelligence is all different, must have the interest study to German, and the nimble utilization in the daily life, in the teaching must have the method. Therefore, regarding not only is the student, also is "study the sister-in-law" the literary embellishment person, she fuses the East and West teaching way, uses "the interaction type" in the classroom the teaching and the schoolmates studies the discussion together, hoped can 夠 pull each other distance, promotes the study effect, in secret, also becomes integrated with with the student, helps the student to solve the study problem as necessary. She in the teaching endeavor, may from the literary embellishment German be the student described Zhang Shouhui is the dew Germany building (the German is office)"the happy fruit" saw the achievement, the agriculture after the expert, literary embellishment institute of foreign languages Principal Li Wenjui also gives the high affirmation to Zhang Shouhui teaching and the research results. Although some people said, German is one of languages which in the world is most difficult to study, but Zhang Shouhui said by somebody who has been through passerby's experience, if everybody can by be sincere, the automatic spontaneous manner study, regards as it own friend, the initiative contact, the care, like this, German also can be a very simple discipline. Zhang Shouhui also believed, if decides the ambition to have to develop in the academic circles, do not have to fear laboriously, had the goal, bravely wants to pursue the dream, but female if can display bears hardships and stands hard work, the careful special characteristic, the success opportunity is bigger. "Lets the world see Taiwan", Zhang Shouhui initially studied in Germany, lets the western person see the Taiwan student has diligently studied the knowledge the process, now, she builds the linguistics in the campus the paradise, also hoped in 系主任 the duration of term, could lead the schoolmate to step the literary embellishment front door, and trod 上德 the language family country land, unfolds strength which the Taiwan student studied.

At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was long, off topic, and didn't make any sense to me.
Care to explain?

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that's Dan Bloom. He's turning into a pain. Contact me if you need help on deleting comments.

P.S. I attended a shul board meeting last night that lasted until 10:30 p.m... Thankfully, it was somewhat productive.

At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My meeting also went until 10:30. As we were getting started a man who had just come from the gemarah shuir upstairs popped his head into the room where we were meeting and said "It's been three hours since my last meeting...Can I sit in?! I'll talk about anything you want as long as I can have an opinion!" It was very funny!

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Eliyahu said...

blessings on your shul project! (so sorry, cannot give these in chinese or yiddish1)

At 11:45 PM, Blogger Air Time said...

shul committee meetings have two huge flaws.

Too many people think they are at the meeting to get together and catch up.

Too few people think it is important to show up on time.

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Air Time-
I have the same experience at work meetings!

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Air Time said...

yeah, but at a work meeting you're getting paid. At the committee meeting you are giving up your time.

At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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